Don't Let Your Hands Decrease Your Workout Performance

Don't Let Your Hands Decrease Your Workout Performance

by USH Tech October 01, 2018

During the last decade, we have seen a rapid increase in gym memberships and that’s no surprise since more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits that result from strength training. Who doesn’t want to ...

  • Increase strength?
  • Increase muscle mass?
  • Decrease visceral fat?
  • Lower blood glucose levels?
  • Increase cognitive performance?
  • Live longer?
  • Improve Mood?
  • Look great?

That is awesome but in order to maximize these benefits, you need to maximize your workout performance. How?

Stop ignoring the body part that is always engaged during a strength training workout!

Hands are always engaged during a weight lifting workout

Your hands!

Next time you step into a gym, notice how many people are wearing workout gloves.

Is it the majority?

Probably not!

So why is that?

Top 2 reasons why people don’t wear workout gloves:

  1. Judgment from others – BAD REASON
  2. No increase in grip/decrease in grip – GOOD REASON BUT FIXABLE

Judgment from others

Rarely do we make a decision without considering what others will think. In the weightlifting world, young men are often scared of wearing workout gloves because they feel that they will be judged as being more feminine and less of a ‘man’. The real truth is that no one cares what you wear in the gym.

Others are busy thinking about themselves, they don't have time to think about you!

No increase in grip / decrease in grip

When you wear workout gloves, you increase the thickness of the barbell or dumbbell that your hands have to grip around. Have you noticed that when you lift a thicker barbell or dumbbell, your grip decreases? If you haven’t already experienced the decrease in grip, we urge you to do your experiment and test your grip with different thicknesses of bars if possible. You will notice how your grip does actually decrease.

So, wearing workout gloves increases thickness which in return decreases your grip. 

There is one caveat to this and that is when your hands become sweaty. More about this later.

So what do you miss out on by failing to wear workout gloves?

Many professionals encourage the use of gloves as they make lifting more comfortable and in many instances increase your grip.

No Comfort without Gloves! Only Pain!

Iron is not the softest material so it hurts when iron digs into your skin. It hurts, even more, when the iron is attached to a lot of weight. To make it worse, most bars have built-in grooves that dig into and create havoc for our skin.

What happens when you accidentally touch a hot stove top with your hand?

Your hand moves away quickly before you feel pain! 

When you are in the middle of a set and the barbell you are lifting is hurting your hands, your body wants to drop the weights and stop the set early! You can try to tolerate and build calluses so it hurts less but your hands are never going to be fully okay with the damage.

As a result, you will almost always finish a set early when your hands are hurting during exercise.

That is great if you don't want to challenge and grow the body parts you are actually trying to work out but when you want to get results from your workout, it is a good idea to protect your hands.

Loss of grip

Remember that we mentioned above how we can lose grip when our hands get sweaty. In optimal conditions when your hands are dry, your grip will decrease due to the increase in thickness when wearing workout gloves. However, when your hands start sweating, the gloves ability to create a barrier between the sweat and the bar allows your hands to maintain grip for longer in comparison to sweaty slippery hands.

Is grip important during a workout?

Since our grip is almost always engaged during a workout and is utilized in 90% of the exercises, maximizing grip is essential for a good workout. Increasing grip not only allows us to lift more but allows us to lift for longer. Our grip muscles are pretty small in comparison to our bigger muscles. If your grip muscles consistently give out before your bigger muscles, are you really challenging your bigger muscles? Are you really pushing them hard enough and long enough for them to experience enough hypertrophy to grow?

The need for a good pair of workout gloves

So what if you can wear a pair of workout gloves that maximize both grip and comfort? Appreciating the drawbacks of traditional workout gloves, we began a mission to reinvent the workout glove in the year of 2016. It took us almost 2 years to make sure the design and function go hand in hand before introducing MAGRIP to the world.


Learn about MAGRIP technology >>

Available worldwide since June of 2018, MAGRIP features magnetic grip technology to enhance grip, dual-layer padding to keep you comfortable and ten-dry ventilation to let your hands stay cool and dry during the toughest of workouts.


"These are a great pair of gloves! Just finished my 2nd workout with them and the grip was surreal." - Milosh S
"MAGRIP gloves from #USHtech have really helped me step up my performance with #weighttraining! " - Emily D 
"It's rare to wear a workout glove that actually provides great grip." - Arjun P

USH Tech
USH Tech


USH Tech's mission is to create a fitness glove that totally revolutionizes the fitness industry! And on our journey, bring awareness, educate, and motivate our friends and our peers to consistently workout, push hard in the gym and reinvent the possible!

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