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Won’t workout without them again

I just love working out with these. Lifting weights feels very comfortable and easy on my wrists when wearing these gloves. Been complimented on the style of gloves a few times and I agree, they look very premium in person.

Great gloves

These gloves are great for working out. Before using them I found that the limiting factor in some of my lifts (especially deadlift) was my hands. Now, weights no longer slip from my hands and there is no pain when holding the bar tight. I still see some redness in my hands after a good workout, but I do not develop callouses anymore.

I've had these gloves for over two months now and use them 4-5 days per week. After about 6 weeks I noticed some wear on the gloves. By now, 6 of the 8 magnets have fallen off because the stitching that was holding them in place ripped. However, they are still functional and it hardly makes a difference that most of the magnet are missing; they only provide a little bit of extra grip - I found this most useful for keeping the pinkies tightly wrapped around the bar.

The wrist wrap is great for providing extra wrist support. I've noticed significantly less pain in my wrists while using them. I tighten the wrist wraps right before lifting the weights and loosen them as I rest.

One last comment is that these gloves can accumulate sweat and smell after a while so it's advisable to let them air out before packing them away in the gym bag.

My glove of choice

Overall, I like them a lot! They will stay my glove of choice until another glove can provide me better grip and comfort at the same time.
Grip: 5/5
Breathability: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Durability: 4/5 (don't see them lasting more than a year)
Easy of ease: 5/5 - It's a glove and I hope you don't need a user manual because it doesn't come with one.
Price: 4/5 - I think I wouldn't have a problem with the price if I thought these would last me 5 years but that's just me. Some might say it is a glove and if you wear something that will be in a position to be abused, you should replace it often.

Didn't meet my expectations

The magnetic grip is overrated! I still had to use grip strength when lifting weights. I was under the impression that I can grip with ease. These gloves provide a little bit of help but that is not what I had in mind when buying them.

My favorite gloves

Day 1 - Stiff and amazed with the Magnetic Grip
Day 2 - Still stiff and amazed!
Day 3 - Less stiff and loving the grip and padding so far!
Day 4 - Oh yeahh! Feeling nice and soft with great grip!

Stepped up my performance

MAGRIP gloves from #USHtech have really helped me step up my performance with #weighttraining! They're super comfy, offer great wrist support and the magnets really help with the grip! Will definitely be incorporating these into my workouts!

You get what you pay for

It's rare to wear a workout glove that actually provides great grip. I agree with other reviewers that there is a break-in period and it takes a few workouts for the gloves to soften up. I wish they carried an extra large, that would be perfect. I am really happy with the large but it sometimes feel tight. Will definitely buy another pair when the extra large comes out.

Good workout gloves!

Gloves were good during arms day today!

Great grip n even better quality

Magnetic grip tech is pretty cool! Idk why these gloves didn't exist 13 years ago when I started lifting. My hands had gotten pretty bad over the years cuz I couldn't find gloves that gave me good grip, but the magnetic tech really helps .
It took about a month for my calluses to start healing while lifting with these gloves, my hand look so much nicer.

PS: The loops to take them off are bloody useful
Price : 4/5 ( definetely on the expensive side but it's an investment n much cheaper than 2 manicures )
Quality: 5/5
Customer service: 5/5
Sizing : 5/5 (they fit like a glove!)

Innovative Design

Not used to having wrist support. I feel more stable and confident lifting with a wrist wrap but there is a compromise in wrist mobility. Magnetic grip technology is just too cool. Without that, I would rate it a 3/5 because of the price. You could find similar quality for $20-$30, minus the tech bit. This is a glove for people who are serious about weight lifting. Thumbs up for innovation!

Good experience

The gloves came in a pouch labelling all its features. It's a nice touch. Impressed with the shipping, I live in Buffalo NY and received them within 3 days. So I used to be a chalk guy but recently joined one of the big gym chains. Since I couldn't use chalk anymore, I had to find the next best thing. MAGRIP is not the same as chalk, I don't think any glove will ever be but in my opinion I am starting to feel that they are the best gloves for lifting weights on the market. The magnetic grip is cool and it still fascinates me every time I feel the magnets touch iron. 12 workouts strong and impressed with their functionality so far. Highly recommended!

One of a kind glove

Nowhere have I seen this magnetic grip technology before. I was skeptical at first but now after using MAGRIP for two weeks, I can confidently say that this product is incredible. I used to struggle with most heavy weight back exercises due to grip giving out mid set. Now I have no issue and I think it has mostly to do with the magnetic grip. Amazing gloves, best I have ever used!

Amazing MAGRIP workout gloves!

Usually, I worry about my sweaty palms losing grip of the weights or even worst, calluses in my hand! But there's no compromise with these quality comfortable gloves.

Love my MAGRIPs

Grip - 5/5
Comfort/Protection - 4.5/5
Breathability - 4/5
Design - 5/5

Overall - 4.6

Couldn't find a way to submit 4.6 stars or 4.5 so I rounded up to 5 stars . I hope these last me a while, definitely see myself using these long-term during upper body workouts!

A bit on the expensive side but totally worth it!

I am a 32 years old guy and been hitting it hard at the gym for the last 10 years. I have been through countless gloves now and been lifting without gloves for the last 2 years. Some I liked and some were just a disaster. So it took a lot of courage to invest money in these but damn good thing I did! I don't know if I can lift more with these but honestly I don't care about that. I care about focusing on the body part I am trying to train on a particular day without worrying about losing my grip or my hands being in pain by some bars that are so rough in my gym. So I bought these, thinking I'll probably return them but nope, gonna keep them! Thank you MAGRIP! The padding feels nice and the magnetic grip thing is so cool, I feel my hands are locked in when I am lifting!

I have tried 4 different brands of gym gloves

Trained with these gloves for 3 back and 2 chest workouts so far. These are my favorite pair of gym gloves hands down. For chest, I just feel the extra protection. For back, I feel a real good increase in grip. Good thing I ordered the small because medium would have been too big.

5 workouts - 5 stars

It's genius! I always struggled with pullups because of weak grip. Went from 1 pullup to 3 pullups! I used to avoid doing pullups but now I am planning to add them to my future workouts and that is all thanks to MAGRIP.

Definitely helps

These are a great pair of gloves! Just finished my 2nd workout with them and the grip was surreal.

Worth the money?

They looked a bit bulky from the pictures. But after receiving the small size and wearing it for four workouts so far, I am happy with the fit. One thing that's not mentioned is that there is a break-in period. They were stiff at first but then became nice and soft after my first two workouts. I do notice that I can grab weights with less effort. Otherwise, I am not really sure how they compare to other gloves because I have never worn workout gloves before. In conclusion, I like them so far and like the fact that it feels nice to hold on to weights without calluses or it hurting. Worth the money? Only time will tell!

Thank you for the feedback! You are absolutely correct on the break in period. It usually takes 3-5 workouts for MAGRIP to break in and adjust to each user's unique hand profile. As a result of your feedback, we will add this important break in information to our FAQ section soon. Enjoy your new MAGRIPs!
Been using these for a week at the gym

I love these gloves. I've been using these at the gym and I don't have strains anymore. My hands feel good during and after the workout. Man, these gloves are so underrated!


One of the early stage testers chiming in! My girlfriend has been using the MAGRIP gloves and loves them. I have been waiting for the launch for a while now since you guys didn't have a large size for me before. Also, my friend wants a pair so just ordered two! Can't wait to get my pair!

Hello Dave! We would like to thank you and Liz for all the support and great feedback you guys have provided over the last few months. Enjoy your new pair!

Nice grip and comfortable to wear, a rare combination!!!

I like the feeling

Wow, I can feel my hand latching onto the bar, so cool!

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